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A crypto analyst, known as @CryptoSrm, has sparked a debate within the cryptocurrency community by revealing his unwavering faith in meme coins surpassing the performance of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL).

Preference for dogwifhat (WIF), PEPE and Memecoins

In a recent tweet, CryptoSrm stated, “I have 0 allocation to majors like $BTC, $ETH, and $SOL, and I am not going to change that.” He firmly believes that “no matter how high majors go, the bluechip memecoins like $WIF and $PEPE will clearly outperform them in the end.”

CryptoSrm’s rationale stems from his observation of past market cycles. He argues, “If you are a ‘hodler’ and have quality memecoins in your portfolio, there’s no need to worry about majors making a big move. After that big move, the alts will undeniably run and do multiple x’s compared to majors. Happened in 2017, happened in 2021, and I am going to go by ‘This time is not different.'”

However, another crypto analyst, @osf_rekt, offers a contrasting perspective. “The max pain outcome is a big move higher in majors while memes go lower,” he warns. “Memecoins do best when majors are stable.”

A Balance of BTC, SOL, and Memecoins

@osf_rekt suggests a balanced approach, advising investors to maintain “healthy bags in majors (BTC, ETH, SOL)” while simultaneously allocating a portion of their profits to stack up on meme coins. He clarifies, “For the people who are only able to think binary, I’m not saying sell all your memes for majors, I’m saying have both, not just one or the other.”

The debate reflects the divergent opinions within the crypto community regarding the future performance of established cryptocurrencies versus the more speculative and often humorous meme coins.

While CryptoSrm’s stance favors meme coins based on historical patterns, @osf_rekt advocates for a diversified portfolio, acknowledging the potential for both major cryptocurrencies and meme coins to thrive in different market conditions.

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