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Early investors in new altcoins saw staggering returns, with some assets multiplying in value by hundreds of times. Tokens like $SOL, $MATIC, and $FTM became the gateway to massive profits. As the market landscape evolves, the focus has shifted from established cryptocurrencies to identifying promising projects that have not yet been released based on a post by @ardizor on X.

Investors seek out new projects, purchase their tokens after the listing and pre-sales, and patiently wait for the potential for substantial gains. Established coins are now considered obsolete relics of the past. The key to success lies in identifying projects aligned with emerging narratives that have the potential to outperform Bitcoin in terms of return on investment (ROI), without the risks associated with leverage.

Over the years, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed the rise of various narratives that have brought substantial profits to early investors. In 2017, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) took center stage. The DeFi summer of 2019-2020 followed, and 2021 witnessed a frenzy around Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Strong projects that align with these narratives tend to experience an upward trend immediately after launch.

With the 2024-2025 bull run anticipated to be the largest ever, investors are now turning their attention to promising early-stage projects in sectors such as AI, RWA, DeFi, DePin, SocialFi, GameFi, GambleFi, and ZK Rollups. These sectors are expected to yield returns ranging from 10x to 100x.

To shed light on these promising projects, we will explore 20 of them that have not yet listed their tokens:

$INTRO – Sector: Dex & Liquidity Bootstrapping (Solana ecosystem)
1intro aims to introduce fairness to the Solana ecosystem as the next-generation Dex & Liquidity Bootstrapping Platform.

@Revolving_Games – Sector: GameFi
Revolving Games is a mobile game studio focused on developing Web3 experiences for gamers.

$ZKAS – Sector: GambleFi, ZK Rollup
ZKasino is a decentralized betting platform built on Layer-2 ZK Rollups, aiming to offer fairness and transparency with the lowest house edge among betting platforms.

$PRCL – Sector: RWA (Solana ecosystem)
Parcl is a DEX on the Solana blockchain specializing in perpetual futures contracts for synthetic real estate assets, without the need for physical ownership.

$SAI – Sector: AI
Sharpe is an AI-powered crypto super-app designed for professional traders, offering a unified platform for intelligence, investing, and automating digital assets.

@Humanityprot – Sector: zkEVM L2 blockchain
Humanity Protocol aims to create a sybil-resistant network of blockchains, onboard the first billion users to Web3, and foster mass adoption.

$ALEO – Sector: L1 (ZK)
Aleo is a privacy-first Layer-1 blockchain that operates on zero-knowledge principles. The project successfully raised $300 million.

$SPOT – Sector: DeFi
Defispot is a multichain DEX enabling users to swap, lend, and provide liquidity without relying on centralized intermediaries or sharing KYC details.

$ESE – Sector: NFTFi & SocialFi
Eesee is a gamified platform focusing on NFTFi & SocialFi, with the goal of boosting sales, enhancing liquidity, and increasing trading volume in the digital assets market.

@OrdiswapLabs– Sector: DEX & BRC-20
Ordiswap is a DEX built on Layer 1 of Bitcoin using the BRC-20 standard and ordering, providing users with a seamless token swapping experience.

@Lingocoins – Sector: RWA
Lingo is a reward token leveraging Real World Assets and blockchain technology to onboard the next billion Web3 users.

@MintLabz – Sector: CrossChain NFT Solution
MintLabz offers comprehensive solutions for the NFT crypto space, including creating and launching NFT collections and facilitating cross-chain bridging.

$XSWAP – Sector: DeFi
XSwap is an open-source, non-custodial DEX platform that allows users to easily swap digital assets and earn rewards in secure pools, while also providing staking and farming options.

$GRASS – Sector: AI & DePin
Grass is building the data layer for AI by allowing users to contribute their internet bandwidth and earn the Grass token ($GRASS) in return.

@bitSmiley_labs – Sector: DeFi
bitSmiley Labs is a protocol built on the Bitcoin blockchain under the Fintegra framework. Its three main components include a decentralized overcollateralized stablecoin protocol, a native trustless lending protocol, and a derivatives protocol. The project aims to leverage the Bitcoin ecosystem to provide innovative DeFi solutions.

@Degen Distillery – Sector: RWA
Degen Distillery is a groundbreaking project that seeks to decentralize its salesforce by allowing the community to tokenize and own a share of the revenue they generate. This novel approach introduces a new form of Real-World Asset (RWA) on-chain, providing ownership and revenue-sharing opportunities to participants.

@Euclidfi – Sector: Restaking
Euclid Finance offers a liquid restaking solution built on EigenLayer for Ethereum. The platform enables users to stake their ETH or LSTs (Liquid Staking Tokens) and choose to restake through EigenLayer smart contracts. This innovative approach enhances the liquidity and flexibility of staked assets in the Ethereum ecosystem.

@FuelOnBlast– Sector: DeFi
Fuel On Blast addresses the challenges faced by project creators when launching a token. The protocol empowers creators by allowing them to customize and create tokens that meet the specific requirements of their projects. This flexibility and customization can contribute to the success of token launches in the DeFi space.

@Peaqnetwork– Sector: DePIN & RWA
peaq is a multi-chain Layer 1 blockchain specifically designed for decentralized private investment networks (DePIN) and Machine Real-World Asset (RWA) applications. The network has the potential to scale beyond 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) while maintaining low transaction costs, making it an attractive solution for high-performance blockchain applications.

@BorpaToken – Sector: Memes
BorpaToken, incubated by EntangleFi, represents the next generation of memecoins. While the details of this project are yet to be fully disclosed, it is expected to bring innovative approaches to the memecoin space, capitalizing on the growing popularity of meme-based digital assets.

These projects represent just a fraction of the exciting developments happening in the cryptocurrency industry. As investors and enthusiasts eagerly await their launches and further details, the potential for significant returns and groundbreaking innovations in sectors such as DeFi, RWA, restaking, and memes continues to fuel excitement and anticipation for the future of crypto.

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