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The Nigerian government has come under intense scrutiny and global ridicule following the detainment of two Binance executives. The controversial move came as the government demanded access to Nigerian users’ data on the popular cryptocurrency exchange, in the wake of the ban on peer-to-peer (P2P) trading in the country.

The incident has sparked outrage among citizens and social media users, with Brother Bernard, a prominent commentator, expressing his disbelief on Twitter. In a tweet posted under the handle @MikaelCBernard, he criticized the government’s handling of the situation, stating, “It’s really ridiculous that the agbado regime would rather disgrace the office of the NSA than publicly accept that they goofed by kidnapping those Binance execs.”

Brother Bernard further highlighted the embarrassment faced by Nigeria on the global stage, asserting that “the world must be laughing at Nigeria right now.” He described the act as “very shameful” and emphasized that admitting it publicly would only compound the nation’s humiliation.

Expressing his astonishment, Brother Bernard addressed the government’s decision to fabricate a false narrative surrounding the detainment, stating, “They could have lied with something else, maybe claim that Binance has paid $20B, or that Binance has given them the house address of all the traders in the world.” He went on to criticize the government’s chosen lie, which alleged that the detained individual had obtained a Kenyan passport, booked a business flight ticket, and returned home without any issues. He described this explanation as “just ridiculous” and the “worst lie” he has heard from the current administration.

The incident has not only raised concerns about the government’s approach to privacy and data protection but has also been viewed as a significant own goal, tarnishing the country’s reputation. The detainment and subsequent false narrative have been deemed a slap in the face for Nigeria, with citizens and international observers questioning the credibility and transparency of the government.

As the outcry continues to grow, it remains to be seen how the Nigerian government will address the fallout from this incident and what steps will be taken to restore public trust. The global community watches closely as Nigeria navigates the consequences of this controversial act, which has put the nation’s integrity under scrutiny.

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