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In the ongoing legal battle between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs, the federal regulator has rejected Ripple’s proposed $10 million settlement and instead demanded $2 billion fine. The SEC’s stance underscores the high stakes involved in the case, which centers around allegations that Ripple engaged in an unregistered securities offering through its sales of the XRP cryptocurrency.

According to court filings, Ripple had offered to pay $10 million to settle the charges brought by the SEC. However, the regulator vehemently opposed this proposal, labeling the proposed fine as a “slap in the face” given the severity of the alleged violations.

The SEC’s demand for a $2 billion penalty highlights the agency’s unwavering stance on the matter, suggesting that it believes Ripple’s actions were egregious and deserving of severe financial consequences. The agency’s position also reflects its determination to send a strong message to the broader cryptocurrency industry regarding the importance of adhering to securities regulations.

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How Can This Affect the Price of XRP?

The outcome of this legal battle could have significant implications for the price of XRP, the cryptocurrency closely associated with Ripple Labs. XRP has been lagging behind many other cryptocurrencies in recent years, partially due to the lingering uncertainty surrounding the SEC’s lawsuit.

Many analysts believe that a decisive win for Ripple in this case could potentially trigger a substantial spike in the price of XRP. A favorable ruling would not only remove a major cloud of uncertainty hanging over the cryptocurrency but could also pave the way for wider adoption and integration into mainstream financial systems.

Conversely, if the SEC prevails and secures the massive $2 billion fine, it could deal a severe blow to Ripple’s operations and cast further doubt on the long-term viability of XRP. Such an outcome could potentially lead to a significant decline in the cryptocurrency’s value, as investor confidence would likely be shaken.

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