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As the price of PEPE continues its recent plunge, hitting lows of 0.00000582416 after previously reaching highs of 0.00001084489, the memecoin’s devoted community remains resilient in the face of volatility. Despite the 46.3% drawdown from the recent peak, PEPE has still managed to accumulate an impressive 396.50% gain over the past month.

The deflationary tokenomics of PEPE, which gradually reduces its circulating supply over time, means the asset becomes increasingly scarce. This built-in scarcity could provide buoyancy for the price over the longer term, despite periods of retracement like the current downturn.

 Plazma, a prominent voice in the crypto community on X with over 12 thousand followers, exclaimed, “We found the end of this $PEPE dip, time to go back to ATH.” This sentiment echoes the unwavering optimism among holders of the coin, who firmly believe in the coin’s potential to reach new all-time highs (ATHs).

The coin community continues to grow, as he further  revealed the addition of  “+377 new $PEPE holders today.” This influx of new investors is a testament to the coin’s growing popularity and the belief in its future potential. 

Bumble_goo, a crypto enthusiast on X  talked about the coin’s ecosystem and  shared technical analysis insights, stating, “#PEPE overlapped the weekly FVG, last time it was the starting point, now also seeing a reaction, next target ATH.” This analysis suggests that its price movements may be following a pattern that could potentially lead to new all-time highs.

While nothing is guaranteed in the crypto markets, PEPE’s growing community of 377 new holders added just today shows increasing adoption and interest. As long as this community remains engaged and committed to the memecoin’s deflationary economics, PEPE could be poised for another surge very soon as the analysts have predicted.

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