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An investor and X personality, VirtualBacon @VirtualBacon0x, has shared valuable insights into the current state of the market, urging investors to remain calm and strategically accumulate cryptocurrencies. In a series of tweets, He analyzes the impact of escalating geopolitical tensions on the market and identifies golden investment opportunities. Let’s delve into the details.

He emphasizes that despite the current turmoil, historical patterns indicate that these moments of crisis present prime opportunities for strategic investment. By studying Bitcoin and a range of promising altcoins, He predicts the depth of market corrections and highlights key support levels.

When it comes to Bitcoin, maintain a positive outlook, seeing the cryptocurrency holding strong above $60,000 despite recent drops. This resilience is reminiscent of past market events such as the Bitcoin ETF approvals. Furthermore, Bitcoin’s historical behavior around the 100-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of $58,000 to $60,000 suggests a strong support level. As the Bitcoin halving approaches, VirtualBacon advises maintaining positions and averaging down to capitalize on the upcoming stability, while avoiding leverage.

Turning attention to Ethereum, He identifies its dip near the 200-day EMA of $2,600 to $2,700 as a massive buying opportunity. Historical data shows that purchasing Ethereum between the 100-day and 200-day EMAs during bull runs consistently yields excellent returns.

He sheds light on the potential of altcoins, particularly highlighting Solana . With Solana dropping to key support levels between $90 and $110, VirtualBacon believes it presents an attractive buying opportunity. The projected 6.5x to 7x returns could potentially push Solana’s price to reach a bull market peak of $700 in this cycle.

In the altcoin market, excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum, the total market capitalization has experienced a significant decline from $730 billion to $580 billion. However, VirtualBacon identifies key support levels between $470 billion and $500 billion, which could indicate potential bottoms and prepare investors for rebounds.

His insights into the booming AI crypto sector, highlighting some strong picks. These include the recently launched Flurence Project (@fluence_project), backed by top venture capitalists, NetmindAi (@NetmindAi, known as the “Chinese Bittensor,” GamerCoin (@GamerHashCom), transitioning to AI with a strong presence in the Korean market, and virtuals_io (@virtuals_io), evolving from gaming to AI and uniquely positioned on the Base Network. These coins, backed by solid technology and strategic partnerships, are expected to make significant gains within the growing AI crypto sector.

Shifting focus to the gaming sector, VirtualBacon suggests keeping an eye on new games such as ApeironNFT (@ApeironNFT), QORPOworld (@QORPOworld), and PlanetMojo (@WeArePlanetMojo), which offer fresh market interest with substantial upside potential. Additionally, gaming infrastructure platforms like SuperVerseDAO (@SuperVerseDAO), WilderWorld (@WilderWorld), GAM3Sgg (@GAM3Sgg_), and GuildFiGlobal (@GuildFiGlobal) provide foundational support and innovation in the rapidly evolving gaming market.

The expansion of NEAR Protocol into AI, enhancing its appeal and utility. With deep roots in AI and upcoming initiatives, NEAR is poised to make significant strides in blockchain technology and decentralized computing.

Other notable investment opportunities mentioned by VirtualBacon include AR (@AR), which is gearing up for another surge in interest and value with its second major release, TIA ($TIA), offering advanced technology at a more reasonable price, and Sei ($Sei) by Monad.xyz (@monad_xyz), which is set to introduce a high-performance, EVM-compatible chain. Additionally, Fantom ($FTM) is expected to match or exceed the scalability of platforms like Solana with the upcoming release of Fantom Sonic, making it an undervalued pick for substantial future growth.

Investing in meme coins with ecosystem backing, ensuring alignment with substantial projects and potential for growth. Some meme coins worth mentioning include puff_drgn (@puff_drgn), Toshi_base (@Toshi_base), FoxyLinea (@FoxyLinea), and theFantomgoat (@theFantomgoat), all backed by notable stakeholders within their respective networks.

In conclusion, He advises investors not to succumb to instinctive reactions that favor stability during market volatility. Instead, historical insights and strategic analysis recommend preparing for potential dips without panic, especially as the Bitcoin halving approaches, and encourages smart engagement in the market, urging investors to seize opportunities in Bitcoin and altcoins.

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