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In a recent thread on X, crypto analyst @ardizor highlighted nine lesser-known crypto projects that he believes could see massive price gains of 50x to 100x during the current bull market cycle.

“We are in the biggest altcoin season in history,” @ardizor proclaimed, suggesting a $1,000 portfolio could swell to between $50,000 and $100,000 by 2025 with the right altcoin picks.

The analyst broke down the typical flow of a bull run, starting with Bitcoin pumping, followed by Ethereum, then large-cap altcoins, mid-caps, low-caps, and finally meme coins. He argues mid- and low-cap coins currently offer the most potential for outsized returns up to 100x or more as money flows into them.

So what altcoins does @ardizor think could be the next to explode higher?

His nine picks include:

  1. $BALLZ – A meme coin with the tagline “If you want to be a man, sometimes you just have to grab the market by its $BALLZ.” It emphasizes the importance of having courage or “ballz” in investing. Market cap: $44.4M Price: $0.04448
  2. $ORN ($LUMIA) – The token for Orion, a DeFi platform offering business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions for liquidity provision. It aims to consolidate liquidity sources across crypto into one decentralized platform. Market cap: $77.52M
    Price: $2.25
  3. $STAR – The token for StarHeroes, a play-to-earn 3rd person space combat game featuring space battles, exploration, multiplayer, and NFT collection within an open world universe. Market cap: $32.54M Price: $0.7557
  4. $NGL – The token for Entangle Finance, a project tackling DeFi liquidity issues by creating an interoperable layer to empower Web3 dapps and protocols with omni-chain liquidity. Market cap: $228M Price: $1.90
  5. $MAVIA – The token for Heroes of Mavia, a play-to-earn blockchain game where players build armies, devise strategies, and compete in battles on the island of Mavia. Market cap: $183.3M Price: $6.13
  6. $ACE – The native token of the Fusionist blockchain gaming ecosystem, combining high-quality gaming with decentralized tech benefits. Market cap: $221M
    Price: $10.06
  7. $SAVM – The token for SatoshiVM, a Layer 2 protocol using zero-knowledge rollups to enable transactions to settle on Bitcoin without sharing additional data. Market cap: $47.4M Price: $6.45
  8. $VMINT – The token for VoluMint, which offers a decentralized AI-powered automated market-making service to unlock potential for crypto projects. Market cap: $40.6M Price: $0.0667
  9. $ZKML – The token for ZKML, a privacy-focused Layer 1 protocol leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, multi-party computation and homomorphic encryption for secure anonymous blockchain apps/transactions.
    Market cap: $51.2M Price: $0.5131

The blockchains, DeFi projects, and gaming crypto economies highlighted range from $40 million to nearly $2 billion in market caps. While providing no guarantees, @ardizor suggests these could be diamonds in the rough to research further amid altcoin mania.

Of course, investors should always do their own due diligence before putting money into any cryptocurrencies or crypto projects given the market’s volatility and risks involved.

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