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In just 14 days, the highly anticipated Bitcoin(BTC) halving event is going to happen, and people in the crypto community are excited and talking about the impact it might have. While many people know about the hype around this event, there are some who may not realize how much it could affect the BTC ecosystem, which has been changing and growing quickly.

The last halving in 2020 didn’t have a big effect on  the coin’s ecosystem because people were mostly focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) on Ethereum. But this time, things are different. The Bitcoin space has grown a lot in the past four years, and there’s something called Ordinals that has made a big difference. It has created the BRC-20 Ecosystem, also known as BRCfi, which has brought new life to the BTC network. It has led to the development of many decentralized applications (dApps) and protocols that use the security and reliability of the Bitcoin blockchain.

The coin’s space has been changing so fast that maps made just a few months ago are already outdated. As the halving gets closer, we need to be prepared for a big boost across its network.

To help us understand this period of expected growth, let’s look at some of the most promising projects from the BRC-20 Ecosystem that could give good results in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM) – $40M Market Capitalization 

BVM is a new way to create a BTC layer 2 (L2) blockchain protocol easily. It lets people make their own governance token, raise money for their project through a crowdsale, and run their project using a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). NakaChain ($NAKA) is an example of an L2 built on Bitcoin using BVM.

Ordinals DEX (ORDS) – $75M Market Capitalization 

Ordinals DEX is a decentralized exchange that uses an automated market maker (AMM) for BRC20 tokens. It adds liquidity to the Bitcoin native layer and supports SRC20 tokens. With Ordinals DEX, more people can use the BTC network. It’s like the Uniswap of Bitcoin because users can swap tokens, add liquidity, and earn rewards. Ordinals DEX has partnerships with other major BRC-20 projects like BVM, Build on Bitcoin (BOB), and BeFi Labs. Its launchpad and cross-chain swap features will be available soon.

Multibit Bridge (MUBI) – $95M Market Capitalization 

Multibit Bridge is an important part of the BRC20 ecosystem. It helps transfer tokens securely between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and BTC networks. This bridge not only makes BRC20 tokens more liquid but also helps the Bitcoin ecosystem grow. The protocol has a decentralized exchange (DEX) for Ordinals tokens, where people can easily swap tokens and add liquidity. Users can also stake MUBI tokens to help make the network more secure and stable while earning more Ordinals tokens as rewards.

BitStable Protocol (BSSB) – $10M Market Capitalization 

BitStable Protocol lets anyone create a stablecoin called DAII using BTC as collateral. It makes the Bitcoin blockchain more liquid with a dual-token system and cross-chain compatibility. Users can create DAII by putting up Ordinals tokens as collateral. They can also stake DAII to earn BSSB, which is the governance token of the protocol, exclusively on the Bitcoin network. Users earn incentives through BSSB.

Ordibank (ORBK) – $10M Market Capitalization

Ordibank combines Compound Finance and Bitcoin Layer 1. It lets people borrow and lend BTC, Ordinals, and Atomicals. It offers good prices and extra income opportunities, and it expands DeFi on Bitcoin. Ordibank introduces cBTC1, which connects native Bitcoin with the platform’s money market, and cBTC2, which makes borrowing and lending within the system easy. The token is used for governance, fees, user discounts, and rebates on the its platform.

BeFi (BEFI) – $50M Market Capitalization

BeFi is a trading terminal for BRC20 tokens. It works well with MetaMask and other wallets, making it easy to trade tokens with low or no transaction fees. Holding BEFI tokens reduces fees on the platform, and the token can also be used to pay in-app fees for smooth transactions. The token also offers early access to projects and airdrops of BRC20 tokens within its ecosystem.

SatoshiSync (SSNC) – $120M Market Capitalization

SatoshiSync lets people create cross-chain marketplaces on BRC20. It makes it easy to bridge to ERC20 for more liquidity. Users can create marketplaces on Ethereum, Solana, and other platforms without needing to know how to code. In fact, they can earn money from cross-chain fees on its platform and benefit from token buybacks and burns

Based on the information given, investors can expand their focus beyond solely investing in the BTC price. They can explore additional opportunities that may arise as a result of the halving events. By doing so, they can potentially discover new avenues for investment and maximize their potential gains.

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