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As an investor seeking the next digital asset for future rewards, according to statistics provided by Layergg, a market analyst, 11 projects have been identified as potential contenders to earn a coveted spot on the Binance exchange in the near future. Let’s explore these projects and understand what makes them promising candidates.


This project is gearing up for a token launch within the first half of 2024, potentially attracting Binance’s attention. The protocol revealed on its X page that it has always been designed to have its own native token, citing its immutable code launched on day 1.


With a recent announcement of a Layer 2 chain and a focus on AI, gaming sectors like XAI, PORTAL, $PIXEL, and RONIN, which Binance favors, Xterio could be a strong contender. Additionally, its interactive Discord platform, where users can steadily earn XP, adds to its appeal.


The addition of Polychain, a prominent venture capital firm, to dappOS’s recently announced $15M funding round further enhances its chances of securing the exchange’s listing. Historically, projects co-invested by Binance and Polychain with funding exceeding $15M have had a higher listing rate on the exchange, investors should be on the lookout for this.


Considered one of the most talked-about listing candidates for the ‘NFT to Airdrop’ category, Ultiverse has garnered significant attention. The upcoming ULTI airdrop, the Airdrop Alliance Program on the BNB Chain, and the ongoing Airdrop event with the Binance Web3 Wallet until April 9th make it a project to keep an eye on.


The exchange’ participation in Gomble’s latest funding round, coupled with the upcoming OG Spaceship NFT Auction on April 16th and the confirmed $G airdrop to NFT holders, position Gomble as a strong contender. Its inclusion in the Airdrop Alliance Program on the BNB Chain further boosts its prospects.


With a recent announcement of a Modular Cosmos gaming Layer 1, Tabi aligns with the exchange’s interest in the gaming and Layer sectors. Its ongoing New Social & Point mission, coupled with its impressive 1M follower base and strong social presence, bode well for a potential listing.


As a Layer 2 project with support for both MoveVM and EVM, Initia has piqued interest. The anticipated incentivized testnet launch in April and the mainnet release in Q2 could solidify its chances of a Binance listing.


These projects are leaders in the LRT (Liquid Redeemable Token) and Restaking sectors, alongside Etherfi, which is currently the only LRT project listed on Binance.


With a recently announced $ZKP airdrop criteria and airdrop events interacting with the exchange platform’s accounts, zkPass has positioned itself as a contender for a Binance listing, further bolstered by its inclusion in the Airdrop Alliance Program on the BNB Chain.


Expected to launch its mainnet in Q2 after the halving event, Babylon aims to become a leader in the Bitcoin staking sector. Holders of the Staking Pioneer NFT could potentially benefit from an airdrop, further increasing Babylon’s chances of a Binance listing. The ongoing testnet, which allows users to participate in test bitcoin staking, adds to its appeal.


As a recently announced Bitcoin Layer 2 project funded by Binance, a rarity among Bitcoin L2 projects typically funded by OKX, Sleek stands out and could capture its attention.

This article focuses on the significance of venture capital (VC) portfolios in predicting potential listings on the major cryptocurrency exchange. Further data suggests that the portfolio led by the exchange has a higher listing rate compared to those managed by Coinbase Ventures. Additionally, it’s noted that projects with high funds are more likely to secure listings on the platform. Hence, as an investor seeking to invest in projects likely to be listed on Binance in advance, you need to closely monitor the exchange’s venture capital portfolio and investments.

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