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A seasoned investor and X influencer Leshka.eth @leshka_eth has shared valuable insights on how to potentially multiply investments by not just 5x or 10x, but an astounding 50x-100x. The key lies in focusing on undervalued tokens that have yet to gain widespread attention.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum have long been popular choices, The influencer advises diverting attention to altcoins, particularly those with low market capitalization. By allocating $1,000 strategically into these lesser-known tokens, aspiring investors could potentially transform their modest investment into a staggering $1 million.

The allure of new altcoins lies in their untapped potential for rapid growth. These tokens, despite being surrounded by uncertainty, offer a unique opportunity for substantial returns when they eventually take off. In contrast, widely discussed and established tokens tend to have already attracted significant attention and funding, limiting their growth potential.

He cites $INJ as a prime example of a new token that experienced exponential growth. From its initial price of $0.716, $INJ skyrocketed to $51.76, an astounding 70-fold increase from its lowest point. In contrast, a veteran token like $LTC only managed a 15-fold increase from its all-time low. This highlights the immense growth potential offered by new tokens.

A popular trend in the crypto world is airdrop farming, where participants join projects in their early stages and receive free tokens when the projects launch. Leshka.eth highlights recent examples such as $TIA ($80K worth), $PIXEL ($50K worth), and $AEVO ($20K worth). By combining strategies of earning free tokens through airdrops and purchasing tokens at launch, investors can maximize their chances of benefiting from potential surges.

His insights on lucrative investment opportunities, is now ready to unveil the projects they are personally interested in. These projects have shown immense potential for growth and align with the strategies mentioned earlier.

Farcaster :

One of the recommended projects is Farcaster @farcaster_xyz, a decentralized social network akin to X specifically designed for the crypto community. With an investment value of $30 million, early adopters of the protocol were rewarded with over $100K worth of free $DEGEN tokens. To get started, individuals are encouraged to join Farcaster, create casts, and aim to reach a follower count of 1,000 or more.


Another promising project is Xion @burnt_xion, a layer-1 blockchain tailored for consumer use and backed by prominent entities such as Animoca, Multicoin, and Circle. With a substantial investment of $36 million, Xion presents an opportunity for individuals to complete tasks on their website (http://xion.bonusblock.io) and join the Xion Guild (http://guild.xyz/burnt).


Superform @superformxyz is an open, cross-chain yield marketplace where DeFi protocols can list their vaults or asset pools freely. With a noteworthy investment of $6.5 million, Superform offers users the chance to deposit funds on their platform (http://superform.xyz) and actively utilize the available features.


Scroll @Scroll_ZKP aims to revolutionize the crypto landscape with an EVM-compatible zk-Rollup supported by a robust proving network. Boasting an investment of $80 million, Scroll recently reduced transaction costs significantly following the Dencun update. Interested individuals can participate by making ten or more transactions, achieving a volume of $1,000 or more, and minting NFTs.


Lastly, Zora @ourZORA is a decentralized system empowering users to buy, sell, and create NFTs without permission. With a substantial investment of $60 million, Zora has rewarded its users with $ENJOY tokens worth over $2,000, potentially positioning them for future airdrops. Users can now mint their own NFTs on the Zora platform and explore the limitless possibilities.

By following these strategies and seizing opportunities in projects like Farcaster, Xion, Superform, Scroll, and Zora, investors can potentially unlock significant returns in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Keeping a keen eye on undervalued tokens and leveraging early entry points, individuals can position themselves for financial success in the ever-evolving crypto market.

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