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In the past 12 hours, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed several noteworthy developments. Here’s a breakdown of the latest happenings in the world of crypto by a crypto analyst Layergg @layerggofficial on X.

OKX/Bybit Listing $PRCL:
OKX/Bybit exchange has announced its plans to list Parcl $PRCL on April 16 at 1 pm UTC. Parcl is a promising cryptocurrency project that is set to gain more exposure and liquidity through this listing.

Vitalik Buterin Supports $RAIL:
Notably, Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has shown his support for the Railgun Project $RAIL. Buterin transferred 100 ETH tokens to the project, indicating his confidence in its potential and future prospects.

Elon Musk Shilling $DOGE:
In another turn of events, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has once again shown his enthusiasm for Dogecoin $DOGE. Musk’s tweet endorsing the popular meme-inspired cryptocurrency has sparked conversations and speculation within the crypto community.

Countdown for CoreDAO ($CORE) Begins:
Crypto enthusiasts eagerly await the launch of CoreDAO as the countdown, which began on April 10, is now just one day away. CoreDAO aims to establish a decentralized autonomous organization that facilitates governance and decision-making within the crypto ecosystem.

Injective Proposes INJ 3.0:
Injective ($INJ) has proposed INJ 3.0, an upgrade to its tokenomics. The objective of this upgrade is to make $INJ a highly deflationary asset, thereby enhancing its value proposition for holders and participants in the Injective ecosystem.

Illuvium’s Private Beta 4 Announcement:
Illuvium ($ILV) has confirmed that Private Beta 4 will commence on April 30. Participants in this phase will have an opportunity to earn 250,000 $ILV tokens through Play-to-Airdrop, adding an exciting gaming element to the Illuvium project.

OKX Launches Ethereum Layer 2 Mainnet:
OKX has introduced its Ethereum Layer 2 Mainnet, named X Layer. This network, built using Polygon’s CDK (Commitment Deposit Contract), aims to address scalability issues on the Ethereum blockchain and provide users with faster and more cost-effective transactions.

Onbuff’s Rebranding Speculations:
Onbuff ($ONIT) has hinted at a possible rebranding, with a recent update on its GitHub. Speculation suggests that the project may be renamed as Lumiwave ($LWA), marking a potential shift in its direction and branding.

Stargate V2 Announcement by Stargate ($STG):
Stargate has made an official announcement regarding the imminent launch of Stargate V2. This development holds promise for the Stargate ecosystem, bringing new advancements and features to its users.

QuarkChain’s Parallel EVM Unveiling:
QuarkChain ($QKC) has shared its plans to reveal further details about Parallel EVM at Token2049 Dubai, scheduled for April 17. Parallel EVM is expected to provide enhanced scalability and interoperability for decentralized applications.

In conclusion, the crypto market has experienced significant activity over the past 12 hours, with exchanges listing new tokens, influential figures endorsing projects, and innovative upgrades being proposed. These developments continue to shape the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, capturing the attention and interest of investors and enthusiasts worldwide.

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