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A renowned BTC expert and X user, Ash Crypto @Ashcryptoreal, has shared valuable insights on the potential trajectory of the cryptocurrency market. While previous halvings have witnessed significant price surges in Bitcoin, Ash Crypto believes that this time around, something different and intriguing is on the horizon.

According to him, Bitcoin is currently positioned in the accumulation zone, suggesting a period of gathering momentum before a potential surge. Historically, the hype phase typically kicks in once the halving concludes. Ash Crypto predicts that the cycle peak for Bitcoin will likely occur around 600 days after the halving, which translates to the fourth quarter of 2025.

Bitcoin Dominance: Bitcoin’s dominance, the measure of its market share compared to other cryptocurrencies, tends to peak around 250 days after the halving, typically early in the first quarter of the following year. Notably, these peaks often coincide with new all-time highs in the market capitalization of altcoins, further reinforcing the notion of an altcoin surge.

ETH/BTC Ratio. He suggests that the ratio tends to reach its peak approximately 365 days after the halving, while hitting its bottom five to six months after the event. Importantly, the ratio has historically remained above the previous cycle’s bottom, indicating a continuous upward trend.

Regarding the total market capitalization of altcoins, Ash Crypto notes that in the past, a new all-time high has been achieved around 287 days after the halving. This milestone has sparked a remarkable 200% surge. Building on this pattern, the expert predicts that a similar new all-time high will materialize in the fourth quarter of 2024. Furthermore, excluding Ethereum, the altcoin market capitalization is projected to peak at around $5 trillion in 2025.

In conclusion, He advises cryptocurrency enthusiasts to accumulate both Bitcoin and altcoins throughout 2024. Once Bitcoin surpasses the $100,000 mark, the expert suggests considering the strategic move of swapping Bitcoin into altcoins. Finally, major profits are expected to be realized from the beginning of the first or second quarter of 2025.

As the halving approaches, Ash Crypto’s insights provide valuable guidance to market participants, shedding light on potential opportunities and dynamics that could shape the cryptocurrency landscape in the coming years.

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